Presentations to inform, inspire and create impact.

I speak presentation design fluently and help holistically in 16:9 format.
Consulting and conception

Strategic communication for HR, marketing, and sales

Accelerate action & change with the right messages at the right time.
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Bullets kill attention: tell stories that stay in your head

Every presentation starts with defining the goal. What is the call-to-action we want to convey? Who are the audience members? What contextual information do we need to consider?
Together we define the optimal strategy for your presentation, get an overview of the status quo and develop the roadmap to the goal.
With the insights from the first step, I now develop the storyboard. Here I use best practices from brain research and the film industry to translate the content into clear, repeatable messages.
In the last step, the storyboard is transformed into a presentation. Here I pay attention to reusability from the beginning and provide, if needed, a slidemaster.
I also support in the creation of new imagery and develop 3D visuals, video content or infographics to communicate your message optimally.

Facelift for existing presentations

Bring your presentations up to date in terms of design & story.
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Take your presentation from 0 to pixel-perfect

INContent revision
You have important content to share but the red thread is still missing? I help you find a suitable storyline and prepare your ideas for the target group. Together we sharpen the core messages and formulate the call to action.
Design revision
Your storyline is already set but your slides do not yet support the core message? I offer uncomplicated and fast support to get the maximum out of your slides and to give your presentation visual authority as well as content.
Template creation

Templates for an early finish

Save time and nerves with a fully configured slidemaster and thematically organized slide libraries.
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Present your content on brand, every time anew

With a professional slidemaster you can save time, create consistent slides and take your presentations to the next level. I will help you create your own slidemaster, tailored to the needs of your company. I put great emphasis on practicality and know all the best practices and pitfalls through my years of professional experience.
Template library
A template library saves you time and effort by accessing templates that have already been created and are perfectly aligned. This way, you can ensure that your overall presentation looks more professional and consistent.
In addition, a library of slide templates will help you stick to your company's branding and ensure a consistent look and feel.
Images & icons
You need individual images or icon sets? I would be happy to help you. With my own expertise in graphic design (both conventional and AI-based) and expertise in 3D, I create high-quality imagery and icon sets that are individually tailored to your brand.

Trainings for convincing presentations

Learn tips & tricks for better presentations & faster creation that you can apply directly to your everyday life.
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Get your PHD in PowerPoint with Strudel Studios' trainings

Presentation design Masterclass
In this training you will learn to design and create convincing presentations. We'll start with strategy, structure and storytelling, before learning useful PowerPoint hacks after a crash course in graphic design.
The training is 100% practically oriented with many useful tips & tricks that can be applied directly in everyday life.
once upon a bottom-line:
Storytelling for business
In this 1-day intensive training, you will learn how to use storytelling to achieve differentiation and turn classic presentations into emotional experiences that stay in your memory. We examine the anatomy of good stories and learn with the help of results from brain research why stories work so well. We will then translate our own business content into exciting stories and use practical examples to learn how we can better convince our audience through stories.

Let's create presentations people will love talking about.

Do you want to take your presentation to the next level towards pixel-perfect?
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