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Pitch Brilliance for Consultants is a framework that helps you & your team 
reliably win more pitches and generate higher revenue.
The framework includes:

2 days of intensive on-site training

Empower your team to master each upcoming pitch process with best-in-class tools and techniques.

A customized pitch template

Skip all-night PowerPoint sessions with the Perfect Pitch template customized for your Slidemaster.

The Perfect Pitch
web app

Optimize your pitch process and ensure a reliably repeatable quality standard for pitches.

Cheatsheets, tools and checklists

Save time and gain confidence with years of proven tools & methods - so no important details are overlooked.
Selected customers

Put an end to the

Yay, we have a new opportunity! 🥳
The customer comes from an industry we have never worked in. 🤔
Unfortunately, none of our old pitches fit, so we're reinventing the wheel once again. 🎡
We have to swap the pitch team 3x in the process due to other projects, priorities and that our intern got last minute tickets to Lollapalooza. 🏰
There are (once again) endless discussions about how much text should be on a slide. 😴
Colleague Gerd has another great slide that he would like to integrate. Unfortunately we only have it as a picture. 🖼️
The night before the pitch we have 6 slide decks with 5 different slide masters and spend the whole night copying & pasting. 🖨️
Unfortunately, there was really no time left for a coherent storyline. ⏰
At the customer's site, the projector can't be connected, so we copy the presentation from a PC to a Mac even though that ruins all our formatting. 🍏
Two of the audience members turn to their emails after the first 5 minutes of our pitch. However, we don't know who they are anyway. 👻
Unfortunately, the customer wanted the presentation in German and not in English. We had forgotten to ask that during the briefing call. 🫣
We leave the meeting without talking about next steps. We simply wait for the customer to get back to us. 🏖️
The project will be reprioritized and probably implemented internally.... 🙈

A repeatable system to
win more pitches with less effort

Win more customers by using proven systems.
Save time by leveraging customized templates.
Get a competitive advantage with outstanding pitches.
Increase revenues and make your pitches worth the work.
Don't lose money through excessive preparation work.
Get internal recognition for outstanding win-rates.

Master the bulletproof pitch process
that will get you through every bid



Set up your pitch team


Identify your stakeholders


Understand the customer problem


"Win" the briefing call


Design the solution approach


Explain your company's USP


Lay out the implementation plan


Explain requirements and costs


Create the pitch presentation


Present your offer


Send the proposal




Negotiate prices


Dealing with customer feedback correctly


Learn & Templatize



12 years of experience in
crafting & consuming pitches

Hi, I am Tobias.
Over the past twelve years, I've worked for one of the largest management consultancies, a boutique consultancy, and my own consulting firm, and have crafted hundreds of pitches.

Regardless of the companies and teams, I've noticed recurring patterns. I've pulled countless all-nighters myself before pitches, copying slides into the same design or trying to craft a halfway-working storyline in the last few hours after all. Oh, and then of course spell check the deck 30 minutes before the presentation starts.
When I changed into industry roles and started purchasing consulting services, I was sometimes impressed, but mostly surprised, by the quality of pitch presentations we received from various consulting firms.

On top of that, I've been giving PowerPoint trainings for the past 5 years and have seen just about every challenge that comes up on a day-to-day basis when creating pitch presentations.

So I wondered if there wasn't a better way to create consulting pitches.

Based on my work as a presentation design expert, I started to rethink the entire pitch process and put in hundreds of hours to develop a streamlined pitch process so you don't have to.

Let's get your pitches to the next level.

Take your team to the next pitch level
using the Pitch Brilliance Framework

Pitch Mastery for Consulting Professionals

Empower your team to master any upcoming pitch process with best-in-class tools and techniques and increase your win rate.
  • Intensive 2-day face-to-face training for up to 8 team members
  • Lifelong access to the complete set of course materials
  • Available in English or German
4.800€ value

Customized Perfect Pitch Template

Skip the tedious design work by using the bulletproof Perfect Pitch template and save your consultants from regular all-nighters during pitch preparation.
  • Set of > 15 professionally designed slides in the format of your choice (PPT, Google Slides, Keynote)
  • Customized with your company's slidemaster
  • Video explanation to guide your team on how to use each of the slides
4.200€ value

Perfect Pitch web-app

Optimize your pitch process and ensure a reliably repeatable quality standard for pitches.
  • Web-app with step-by-step instructions, tools and checklists for every pitch
  • Individually adaptable to your own processes
  • Access for your entire team for a full year
6.000€ value

Pitch Classification Tool

How to classify pitches to ensure the right level of time & effort is spend on it.
800€ value

Stakeholder Research Checklist

How to research your stakeholders on a secret service level.
450€ value

Industry Investigator Cheatsheet

Understand your customer’s industry without pulling all-nighters.
150€ value

Briefing Call Checklist

"Win" the briefing call by asking the right questions.
500€ value

Value Framework

How to design the winning solution for each individual client problem and turn it into a pitch.
1.800€ value

USP System

Advertise your business without advertising, including the Perfect Profile OnePager template (to show all your team members from their best side ;-) ) and a guide to creating credible and authentic testimonials.
1.500€ value

Implementation Plan Builder

How to design profitable & manageable implementation plans. (How many hours have you spent crafting a timeline or Gant chart so it looks good in PowerPoint?)
1.600€ value

Pitch Delivery Checklist

How to prepare pitch presentations professionally - whether physical or virtual.
250€ value

The swiss army knife of email templates

Email templates for all touchpoints in the pitch process (such as winning/losing a pitch or follow-ups).
350€ value
Total value: 22.400€

All-inclusive launch offer: 6.000€

available until September 30, 2023 | excl. taxes & travel expenses
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